Guy's Snacks

With more than 72 years of creating legendary chips and snack items under our belts, the Guy's name is one you probably recognize. Today we continue on with the tradition of making great snacks that Guy (yes, that Guy) Caldwell started in 1938 with a makeshift peanut roaster in the back of a Kansas City storeroom.



​Since then, we've changed a few things (like our name), introduced some legendary snack flavors (like our Barbeque Potato Chips), and pretty much made the whole region take notice with our "Be Wise, Buy Guy's" and "Don't Forget the Guy's" campaigns. But all that success hasn't gone to our heads. You'll find we're still the same friendly company you've been inviting into your homes, along on your picnics and to your neighborhood get-togethers for the past 72 years.


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